Quality Policy

“Olisbetão – Pré-fabricados de Betão S.A.” believes that total customer satisfaction is the basic principle for business success and for the evolution of the company.
To this end, the company policy is based on the supply of products according to the specifications and requirements of each client, ensuring reliability, flexibility and competitive standards of quality, prices and deadlines, ensuring all support, monitoring and after-sales service in order to exceed customer expectations.

Thus, management undertakes:

  • The meet the requirements in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Continuously detect market needs;
  • Accurately identify the requirements required by the customer and their expectations;
  • Continuously evaluate the results to customers;
  • To promote the training and experience of its employees;
  • Securing the resources and necessary means;
  • Maintaining good relationships with customers, employees and suppliers whatsoever commitment to quality of its services.

OLISBETÃO CERTIFICADO ISO 9001 – click on image to get certificate


Product Certification

The CE marking distinguishes a continuous improvement in the processes of assessment and verification of performance constancy of our concrete products, as well as a strict adaptation to the evolution of construction techniques in the building sector.

Internally, this normalization requires the maintenance of a system to control factory production, by pre-defined settings and monitoring and according to strict quality criteria.

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